Citizens of nowhere, why don’t you…?

Think, jump, fight, fly, dance, sweat, burn it all out… There is nothing to lose and something to change. Think as a person, a person who believes that can always do anything he purpose to. Limits are just barriers to break and make you feel better, get on with your fears, attack them as they do with you, but live, live and never look back. Make something you will remember and move. Movement is life, your life. Get your chance to be alive and make it, just make it. It won’t be easy, nobody said it would be. Explore, after all you can go further. Dream, get wiser and get lose. Yes… Lose. Everybody lose and everybody wins. Go for goals and enjoy on the way, thats the real secret indeed. And now. Close your eyes, get a deep breath and remember: Remember to be on life. After all, you deserve the full experience, right? Do not let anything out. Because life is to live and will never look back.